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What is Sherana?

Sherana is a family grazing property at Rosevale, south west of Ipswich in Southern Queensland, Australia. It has been owned since 1990 by Viv and Judy Forbes.

It is rolling hills grass country, most of which has never been cultivated. The soil is derived from basalt and sandstone. The rainfall averages 36 inches (900 mm) per year (apart from the last 10 years of drought). Pastures include spear grass, kangaroo grass, paspalum, rhodes grass, siratro, native glycines, white clovers, medics and minor couch and bluegrass. The main plants we class as weeds include wild cotton, swamp foxtail grass, bladey grass, minor lantana (and nut grass in the petunia patch). Our grass harvesters include 200 Braford and crossbred cattle, 300 Damara and crossbred sheep and about 60 miscellaneous free-range laying hens.

Who are Viv & Judy Forbes?

Viv Forbes is an offspring of the Watt and Petersen families, pioneers farmers and timber-getters in the Warwick/Killarney district in Queensland. He grew up on a dairy farm near Warwick. His passions include grassfarming, stirring politicians, geology, economic education and the health benefits of foods from grassfed animals. He dislikes bureaucracy, taxes and stop-the-world greenies.

Judy Forbes is an offspring of the Bell and Neilsen families, pioneer graziers and cane farmers of the Mackay/Nebo district in central Queensland. She grew up on "Waitara" a large Hereford Beef Grazing property near Nebo, and loves cattle, horses, chooks and Damaras. Her passions include our new grandkids, gentle animal handling, and management of the breeders. She uses "Cattle Plus" to maintain genetic records. She is a critical stud-master and culls poor performers ruthlessly. She dislikes housework.

We are Grassfarmers.

We see intelligent grassfarmers as the hope of our polluted, eroded, overworked land and water resources. We admire the pioneers of cell grazing such as Andre Voison, Alan Savory, Joel Salatin, Stan Parsons and Allan Nation and read their works avidly. Our favourite publication is "The Stockman Grassfarmer" produced monthly by Allan Nation.

We have been converting our property to cell grazing as fast as we can build water points and erect electric fences.
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