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Devoted to Helping Damara, Dorper and Meatmaster Sheep Producers

1.Oct2001Our Damara Experience
2.Jan2002Damara Handling and Markets
3.May2002From Desert to Snow
4.May2003Damaras, Dorpers & Drought
5.Jan2004Sheep Performance in Drought
6.Sep2004Lambs Galore
8.Apr2005Pasture Perfect®
9.Nov2005All About Dorpers and other things
10.Apr2007Meating the Market: The Case for Meatmasters [PDF, 44KB]
11.May2008Green Sheep in the Brave New World. [PDF, 173KB]
 Apr2009The Indigenous Livestock of Southern Africa
12.Apr2009Cane Toads of the Sheep World? [PDF, 224KB]
13.Aug2009Celia's Story Lambs Galore [PDF, 263KB]
14.Jan2010Breeding Better Sheep [PDF, 568KB]
15.Aug2011Celia's Story - 2011 Update [PDF, 107KB]
16.Aug2011Twelve Years with Clean Skin Sheep [PDF, 225KB]
17.Jan2012Our Periodic Sheep and Cattle Auctions [PDF, 29KB]
18.Dec2013Sheep Auction 16 Dec 2013 [PDF, 44KB]
19.Dec2013The Ice Babies [PDF, 45KB]
20.May2014Sheep Auction 19 May 2014 [PDF, 16KB]
21.July2014Sheep Auction 14 July 2014 [PDF, 63KB]
22.July2014Sheep Auction 28 July 2014 [PDF, 63KB]
23.Feb2016Goatlets and Sheep Auction 22 Feb 2016 [PDF, 777KB]
24.Mar2016Goats and Sheep Auction 21 Mar 2016 [PDF, 237KB]
25.Oct2017Milking Goats and Kids for Sale [PDF, 236KB]

Cattle Reports

 Oct2003More Bull?
 Jun2006Why Senepols?
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