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Why Braford Cattle?

We go with the strength, not with the current fad. Herefords and Brahmans have been the backbone of our Northern beef herds. Herefords are famous for fertility, docility and meat quality. Brahmans are famous for their ability to survive and thrive under difficult pasture, parasite and climatic conditions. (Does that sound a lot like Merinos and Damaras?) Brafords combine these benefits and, we believe, are the ideal compromise for our land and our markets. We are active members of the Australian Braford Society.

Brafords have been selectively bred for Australian conditions for over 50 years, and we now have a very diverse genetic pool. No matter what direction you want to take your beef herd, you can find Braford genetics to take you there.

To produce our Sherana Braford and Composite Bulls and females we:
  • started with a mixed Braford-Brahman herd.
  • bought top quality stud Braford bulls with Doonside, Ascot, Tandarra and Kooroomba bloodlines.
  • do not grain feed or show animals. We sell from the paddock. You get fair dinkum, fit and ready grass eaters, not mountains of pampered grain fed fat.
  • keep most of our heifers and then cull all females heavily and continuously for poor fertility, calving problems, poor temperament, poor doers or parasite susceptibility. Bulls are culled heavily from weaning on, for any reason. About 60% of our herd are poll cattle and we aim to increase this.
  • also produce composite "Sherana Red" herd bulls and females from Braford stock plus minor amounts of other selected breeds with desirable characteristics.
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